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Book Taxi Tehran offers transfer by taxi and van to Isfahan from Tehran airports and your hotel or hostel in Tehran. The convenient Book Taxi Tehran Shuttle is the quickest, most comfortable and flexible way to get from the airport or the train station or your hotel in Tehran to your holiday destination in the Isfahan and back again – from there right to your hotel's doorstep in Isfahan.


Isfahan is a shining jewel in the heart of Iran. Being the capital of Persia in the 16th and 17th century, Isfahan has always been a major city in Iran with so many historical mansions, bridges and tiled mosques. The special Perso-Islamic architecture catches many eyes. “Zayanderud” river cuts the city in half and gives it a wonderful atmosphere. The “Naghshe Jahan” square is one of the largest squares in the world.
There are many breathtaking buildings around it and also a traditional bazaar, where people make and sell very special Iranian artifacts. Isfahan has a population of approximately 2 million people, with so many grand boulevards and gardens which make it probably the most important touristic destination for any traveler who yearns a taste of Persian culture and history.

Now, for those who are captivated by snow and skiing, this can be a fresh opportunity, for travelling to Iran is cheap and renting skiing equipment will cost you around 17 USD per day. If you desire no ski-related activities and just want to enjoy the natural beauty of the mountains you may try Shemshak’s famous cable cars and join the small black dots travelling amidst the perpetual whiteness of Alborz heights. In Iran skiing is considered a luxury pastime and Shemshak is the place that attracts the more audacious and adventurous youth. As an ideal holiday spot for skiers specially in January and February, Iran ski resorts including Shemshak, provide quality accommodation.

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