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Book Taxi Tehran offers transfer by taxi and van to Yazd from Tehran airports and your hotel or hostel in Tehran. The convenient Book Taxi Tehran Shuttle is the quickest, most comfortable and flexible way to get from the airport or the train station or your hotel in Tehran to your holiday destination in Yazd and back again – from there right to your hotel's doorstep in Tehran.


Located in the center of Iran, near Silk road, Yazd is one of the most popular destinations for travelers. Yazd is very well known for its special architecture and wind catchers. It is actually nicknamed “the city of wind catchers” and is recognized as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO. After the Arab conquest of Iran, Yazd became an asylum for Zoroastrians who fled from Arab conquerors.
Due to its strategic location in the desert, the city managed to survive many attacks and it became a haven for Zoroastrian refugees. After all these years there are still lots of Zoroastrian people living in Yazd and their fire temples are now historical sights. Marco Polo had visited Yazd in 1272 and he described it as a noble city with an exceptionally fine silk-weaving industry.

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