Our Taxi Fares

Taxi fare for our pick-up services in Tehran

Imam Khomeini Airport pick-up

Type of CarPrice
Sedan25 Euros
Van40 Euros

Taxi Fare in Iran if you rent a car with driver

Iran is a huge country with so many places to visit. Tehran is the capital city, but to be honest, there are other cities in Iran that are much more exciting and beautiful. Esfahan, Shiraz, Tabriz, Kashan, etc. are all very nice cities with so many sights. But sometimes getting around Iran can be difficult. In holidays and special days, finding a train or flight ticket is almost impossible, and bus tickets are quite rare. Other than that, sometimes you simply want to sit in a nice private car and travel.

You can just contact us and ask for a private car with driver, anytime of the year and to whatever destination you have in mind. Our drivers would pick you up from any location in Tehran and get you to your destination in the safest and most relaxed way possible for a fixed price. You won’t have to bargain or argue with anyone anymore.

Here, we have provided a price table for different car types and different destinations. If you can’t find your desired destination in this table, you can simply use the formula explained here to calculate the fares.

  • If it’s less than 100km from Tehran it would be 25€
  • If it’s more than 100km from Tehran, you must subtract 100 from the distance in kilometer, multiply it by x(which is 0.20 for a sedan, 0.25 for an SUV and 0.30 for a van) and add to y(which is 30 for a Sedan, 35 for an SUV and 40 for a van)
  • Example: the distance between Tehran and Esfahan is 448km, so the fare for a sedan would be:

Fare= ((448-100)*0.20)+30 = 97.6 €

Taxi Fare from Tehran to Other cities in Iran

From Tehran to Distance (km) Sedan SUV Van
Esfahan 448 €97.6 €122 €141.4
Shiraz 932 €216.4 €243 €289.6
Kashan 244 €58.8 €71 €83.2
Abyaneh318 €74 €85 €96
Yazd 621 €134.2 €165.2 €196.3
Qazvin 151 €40.2 €47.75 €55.3
Alamut Valley *240 € 73 € 90 € 107
Rasht 327 €75.4 €91.7 €108.1
Mount Damavand 112 €32.4 €38 €43.6
Qom 148 €39.6 €47 €54.4
Sanandaj 489 €107.8 €132.2 €156.7
Chalus 196 €49.2 €59 €68.8
Tabriz 633 €136.6 €168.2 €199.a

Tip: Distanation marked with star costs higher than the price calculated by formula because of bumpy road.