Rent a car in Iran with driver

Tehran is an enormous city with lots of places to visit. And Iran is a huge country with so many cities, towns and villages to see.

Getting around in Tehran can be frustrating, especially with all the traffic and the crowd in public transportation systems like subway or buses. So we have decided to help you with that. You can easily ask for a private car with driver based on the price list below:

A car with driver (Maximum 4 persons) Price
The first 2 hours 20 €
After 2 hours 7 € per hour

Taxi Fare From Tehran To everywhere in Iran

if you want to explore other cities or towns, or generally any other place outside of Tehran, you can also count on us, based on the following list.

Sedan (Max. 4 persons) SUV (Max. 5 persons) Van (Max. 7 persons)
Less than 100 kilometers 25 € 35 € 40 €
After 100 kilometers 0.15 €/km 0.25 €/km 0.30 €/km

Example: The distance between Tehran and Isfahan is 448 kilometers and the price for a rental sedan with driver would be: (448 × 0.15) + 25= 92.2 € Please note that all of our services is necessarily with a driver