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July 24, 2019
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Howzak Hostel in Isfahan

Howzak House in Isfahan

Howzak House History

Howzak Boutique Hostel in Isfahan is a small and cosy house built more than 90 years ago in the historic neighborhood of Esfahan, a short distance away from the UNESCO-listed site Masjed-e Jame, the city’s magnificent Friday mosque. Before opening its doors to tourists and city visitors, Howzak House, had been privately owned by two generations of the Khanoum family: Goli Khanoum, who was the neighborhood’s girls’ teacher, and Malek Khanoum, who had lived with her five children in this house.

Howzak House dates back to the late Qajar period (1796–1925) and it is clear from its simple architectural style and ornaments, that it is not an aristocratic but a working-class residence. Yet, Howzak House exudes the charm and magic of traditional Iranian architecture, meaning that this perfectly symmetric building on the inside was built on a very asymmetrical land. Most importantly, however, it has over many decades preserved the cordial spirit of a family house.

Howzak Hostel In Isfahan

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